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How to calculate maximum retail price of a product in multi-level marketing?

If you are thinking to start MLM marketing or direct marketing company, then fixing maximum retail price is one of the critical and essential step. In this article, we will discuss about how to fix mrp for your products. Read : How you can start Multi-level marketing company? Here we are taking an example of any product at which you provide five level compensations/commissions. Suppose actual manufacturing cost for a product (including tax, transportation, packaging etc.) is 250/-. Now calculate cost you have bear for providing compensation to 5 levels.  Suppose you are providing 5 Level compensations as follow: First Level: 20%  Second Level: 10%  Third Level: 5%  Fourth Level: 3%  Fifth Level: 1.5%  Compensation is provided at DP/PV basis. Now add your margin in product included office expenses, rent, office staff etc. A product MRP shouldn’t be as low as it can’t pay company’s bill or not as high as people have think before purchasing it. Suppose you have manufactured 10

How Much a person can earn in multi-level marketing?

Here we taking an example of any product whose Maximum retail price is 1100/-. Most of MLM/Direct selling companies provides products to its distributor at DP (distributor price)/Minimum monthly Purchase Value(PV) which may be certain percentage to MRP or any value fixed by company.  Here we are supposing company DP/PV is 1000/- for it. We will calculate amount of money a person can earn in MLM business but first you need to know about legal and illegal MLM businesses so you would be careful while joining mlm business or starting own multi-level marketing or direct selling company. Difference between legally and illegally working mlm business: Legally working businesses clarifies that you need to work hard at least 8-10 hours/week and 3 to 5 years to make handsome money in business whereas illegal businesses propose quick and easy money in short time.  Legally operated business has simple and clear compensation plan whereas illegal businesses have illegal pyramid structure  Lega

How to prepare application form for your multi-level marketing company?

An application form is required for every multi-level and direct selling marketing company for joining or recruits new persons/distributors. An application should have all essential details that is required to get maximum information about newly joined distributor/person. Particulars of application form may vary according to product type and business type but following particulars generally a application form should contains: Name  Passport Size Photo Space  Sex  Date of Birth  Marital Status  GST/PAN No.  Father’s Name  Mother’s Name  Postal Address with contact number and e-mail ID  Photo Identity Proof of Address i.e. Ration Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Passport, Adhar Card etc  Complete Bank Details  Referral’s Code and Name  Applicant’s Signature  Date etc.  Download sample Application form by clicking here: Download Multi-Level Marketing Application Form in PDF Format   Registration Fee: No come to registration fees for joining MLM Company. Most of com

List of Multi-Level/Network/Direct Selling Marketing Companies

Here we are describing list of well known multi-level marketing Companies/Brands: Amway: Amway is a multi-level marketing company based at America. It sells health, beauty and home care products through multi-level marketing. The company was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos and is based in Ada, Michigan. Herbalife Nutrition: Herbalife Nutrition sells nutritional supplements , weight management products, sport nutrition, and personal care products through multi-level marketing. It is a global multi-level marketing corporation. The company was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, and it employs an estimated 8,000 people worldwide Qnet: Former names of QNet ltd are QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited. It is a Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing company owned by the QI Group. Company deals in a wide range of products including energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, and fashion accessories on an e-commerce platform Forever Living Products: It

How to create effective Blog for your network business?

Blog is most cost effective and easiest way to promote your business. Most of small businesses overlook it either with lack of knowledge or lack of time. There may be many reasons for you to not writing/starting a blog for your website, we have many reasons to write it. That we will discuss in advantage of blog section in this article. First have a look about qualities a blog should have: Qualities of a Blog: It should be for customers/readers, not for you  It should either solve a problem of your customer or provide fresh insight about your industry  It should be updated at regular basis. Frequently once a week or month, new fresh content should be added.  It should contain valuable and unique contents.  Advantage of a Blog: It establishes you as an authority in your industry.  It helps to reach to new customers.  It increases visitors and traffic to website and hence helps in bettering website ranking in search engines.  It helps in generating new leads, hence increases s

How to build a Strong Networking/Distribution Channel in MLM?

In networking marketing business/multi-level marketing business, key success factor is to attract people to join you, buy your products, becomes your distributor, sell your product and further join more people as their distributor. It will build a pyramid type structure and establish a successful business. The question is how you can become successful in network marketing and build a establish MLM business quickly. Here are few tips that will be useful strategy for you to become successful as beginner in mlm business. Before starting building a team/network, we have supposed, you have completed all necessary step for set-up your business. Few initial steps are: Choose unique name for your start-up  Set up a multi-level marketing (MLM) company? Getting Products Idea for Multi-Level Marketing Company? Manufacturer for manufacturing of Health Supplement Manufacturers for Multi-Level Marketing Manufacturer for manufacturing of Herbal Products (Ayurvedic) Manufacturers for Multi-Le

How to get Products Idea for Multi-Level Marketing Company?

There is cut throat competition in market and daily basis new MLM companies are entering into market. You need unique and quality products to remain establish and successful in market. Multi-Level marketing is different when come about product selection because it is not limited to one sector. You can launch product from any sector i.e. cloth, food supplement , herbal and ayurvedic products , electronics goods etc. Having broad range of products is advantage as well as disadvantage. You become confuse while selecting best possible product for your MLM Company. You should be careful about product and sector. Few things that you should consider while selecting your Products Idea: 1. Unique : Search for a latest and unique product in concern sector. Product should be unique as well as getting demand in market. You should select products which are unique and daily used product. Being unique is not only criteria for product selection. A unique product which doesn’t have any demand is

How to and Why to build a website for multi level marketing company?

Online presence for any organisation is must in today’s world. Before joining any company/organisation, a person first search at internet about company profile; if you are lacking any online presence then there is chances, you will lose number of networkers who could associates with you. Online presence can be build by creating a website, writing a blog, making profiles at social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. About writing a blog and benefits of social networks, we will discuss in our other articles. In this article, we will discuss about building a website that is suitable for a multi-level marketing company. When it comes to building a website then lots of option is available. You can start with HTML base website, CMS base website, wordpress base website etc. You can build website with blog or not that depend at you but we will recommend you to build a website which is also attached with a blog which is regularly updated and provide unique and information base artic

How to prepare Company Manual for Multi Level Marketing?

A company manual is a handbook given to networkers, team members and MLM distributors which contains about company culture, policies and procedure. Company manual is like a offline website which gives complete detail about any organisation, management, history, product list, milestones, achievements, contact details etc. Manual varies from business to business and sector to sector based upon nature of business. Try to keep it short and interesting completing all necessary details. Don’t make it lengthy unnecessary so people started to avoid it. Content of Company Manual: Welcome Statement: This section briefly describes about company’s history, reason of its success and how its team can contribute to future success. Directors and Management Details: This section describes the detail about directors of the organisation and key management staff. Historical background of each and every upper staff member, their achievements, experience, role in organisation and other required det

Software for Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Software for Multi-level marketing (MLM): ARM MLM Software AJ Matrix MLM Affiliate MLM Awapal MLM Software Advanced MLM Software Binarysoft Technologies MLM software Cloud MLM Software Conversys MLM Epixel MLM Software Elite MLM Software Express MLM Software Package EifaSoft MLM FinoForce Foreign Style MLM Software Forex Trading Business Script Goodbox - Readymade Apps iMatrix Infinite MLM Software Interface MLM Software iSha Binary MLM Lead MLM Software M4 MLM Software MLMAge Multi Level Marketing Mayur Web MLM Solution MLM Superb MLM Vibes - For All Compensation Plan WP MLM Software MarketPowerPRO MLM Software Neon MLM Software Omega MLM Software Ontogeny MLM Pro MLM Software Quaere MLM Software RD FD Radiance MLM software System SAP ERP, Customized ERP, Mobile Application Shining sun MLM SocialBug Affiliate MLM Party Plan software TORNADO VentaForce - Best Direct Selling Software Virtuoso MLM WiseMirror Winline MLM WTK Network MLM X

List of Herbal Products (Ayurvedic) Manufacturers for Multi-Level Marketing Companies:

Herbal Products: Herbal products are medicines and supplements which are derived from plants, herbs and its extract. These are used as a supplement to improve health and well being. Herbal products are also used for therapeutic purpose. Herbal products are used in form of capsules, tablets, syrup, powder, sachet form, cream, gel etc. Herbal products contain herbs and herbs extract which provides a particular effect at our body and body system.   Herbal products are thought to be side effect free as these are derived from natural sources. Herbal are important products for any MLM company. Big players of MLM are introducing herbal and ayurvedic products in its product range to get benefits of emerging market of herbal products. Herbal supplements for immunity and herbal cosmetic preparation has big scope in market. For manufacturing herbal products with marketed by with own name, you need to take only GSTIN. You have to get manufactured your product at third party/contract m

List of Health Supplement Manufacturers for Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Health supplements: Includes concentrated sources of one or more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty-acids, amino acids, plants or botanicals, other dietary substances, substances from animal origin with known or established physiological effect, intended to supplement normal diet and usually marketed in unit dose or other dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, powders, solutions, etc. Health supplements are also known as Nutraceuticals, Food and Dietary Supplements etc. Health Supplements are important products for any MLM company. Majority of product list for MLM companies are occupied by Health Supplements. Protein powders, energy drinks, iron supplements, calcium supplements, enzyme preparations, vitamins, amino acids, ginseng, spirulina etc fall under category of health supplements. Some herbs preparations can also be prepared as health supplement. For manufacturing health supplement with marketed by with own name, you need to take FSSAI Registration/License . Y

How to start up a multi-level marketing (MLM) company?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept is getting popularity in India. As number of networking team members are joining MLM field and established members are thinking about starting own venture in MLM sector. One of the main problems that is faced by new entrepreneurs in MLM networking is How to can set-up own MLM company. Setting-up networking team is second part of discussion. First you should know, how you can set-up own network marketing company. In this article, we are going to describe in detail about licences, documents, software, and marketing tools etc for starting and establishing new Multi Level marketing company. First we will talk about marketing tools required for a MLM company: Commission Payment Software  Wholesaler/Distributor Supplier  Company Manual  Instruction Manual  Catalogs/Magazines/Pamplets  Product Manual/Price List  Brochures  Order Forms  Licenses Required: Licenses that are required to start up multi level marketing company depend at na