How to prepare application form for your multi-level marketing company?

An application form is required for every multi-level and direct selling marketing company for joining or recruits new persons/distributors. An application should have all essential details that is required to get maximum information about newly joined distributor/person.

Particulars of application form may vary according to product type and business type but following particulars generally a application form should contains:
  • Name 
  • Passport Size Photo Space 
  • Sex 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Marital Status 
  • GST/PAN No. 
  • Father’s Name 
  • Mother’s Name 
  • Postal Address with contact number and e-mail ID 
  • Photo Identity Proof of Address i.e. Ration Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Passport, Adhar Card etc 
  • Complete Bank Details 
  • Referral’s Code and Name 
  • Applicant’s Signature 
  • Date etc. 
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Download sample Application form by clicking here: Download Multi-Level Marketing Application Form in PDF Format 

Registration Fee:
No come to registration fees for joining MLM Company. Most of companies provide application form free of cost to join but encourage purchasing their starter kit which bears a value. Some companies sell starter kit at time of joining but this condition depends at local law and enforcements.

Age of Joining: Most of MLM companies join members of age above 18 years only.

Term and Conditions or Agreement: Term and conditions or agreement is vary depend at company and its product type. You should prepare term and conditions or agreement to avoid any future dispute. First check other companies agreements and term/conditions. Modify it according to your business need. Include all possible clauses in direct seller/business associate agreement letter. Clarify all FAQ in this agreement.

Incentives and Commissions: Clarify define your business model and incentive/commission structure along with application form.

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