How to prepare Company Manual for Multi Level Marketing?

A company manual is a handbook given to networkers, team members and MLM distributors which contains about company culture, policies and procedure. Company manual is like a offline website which gives complete detail about any organisation, management, history, product list, milestones, achievements, contact details etc.

Manual varies from business to business and sector to sector based upon nature of business. Try to keep it short and interesting completing all necessary details. Don’t make it lengthy unnecessary so people started to avoid it.

Content of Company Manual:

Welcome Statement:

This section briefly describes about company’s history, reason of its success and how its team can contribute to future success.

Directors and Management Details:

This section describes the detail about directors of the organisation and key management staff. Historical background of each and every upper staff member, their achievements, experience, role in organisation and other required details should be described.

Cultural Information:

This section describes company’s mission, vision, values, historical information about company, future goals, objectives and company’s fundamentals etc

Orientation Procedure:

This section usually involves providing a human resource manager or other designated employee completed details and providing proof of identity and eligibility in networking team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

This section describes definition of each level team members, benefits each level member receives. This section also describes eligibility and requirement to achieve and upgrade in next level at pyramid structure.

Product Details:

This section describes the complete detail of products available with organisation included product price, key benefits and additional details. Also new arrival products can also describe.

Payouts and commissions:

This section contains detailed information about payouts, benefits and awards. Usually new team members are awarded some benefits, plus additional rewards, payouts after having worked for organisation for specific period of time.


Policy of promoting a member to new level in organisation and require eligibility for it.


This section describes the travel and expenses bear by organisation if any


This section describe the guidelines and rule-regulations of organisation

Contact details:

This section describes complete address detail and contact detail of key persons of organisation.

Revision of manual also varies company to company. Company manual should be updated regularly to meet changes in organisation policy, team structure and to meet county’s updated law & orders.

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