List of Health Supplement Manufacturers for Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Health supplements: Includes concentrated sources of one or more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty-acids, amino acids, plants or botanicals, other dietary substances, substances from animal origin with known or established physiological effect, intended to supplement normal diet and usually marketed in unit dose or other dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, powders, solutions, etc.

Health supplements are also known as Nutraceuticals, Food and Dietary Supplements etc. Health Supplements are important products for any MLM company. Majority of product list for MLM companies are occupied by Health Supplements. Protein powders, energy drinks, iron supplements, calcium supplements, enzyme preparations, vitamins, amino acids, ginseng, spirulina etc fall under category of health supplements. Some herbs preparations can also be prepared as health supplement.

For manufacturing health supplement with marketed by with own name, you need to take FSSAI Registration/License. You have to get manufactured your product at third party/contract manufacturing basis. Read complete process of third party/Contract manufacturing here

Here we are going to discuss about few top/best manufacturers of Health Supplements in India:

Elzac Nutrition India: Elzac Nutrition India is a health supplement division of Elzac Herbal India (Ayurvedic Manufacturer). Elzac Herbals is a well known and trusted name in Ayurvedic and Herbal market.
Elzac Nutrition India,
V.P.O. Gheer, Distt Karnal-132023(Haryana)
Contact: 8059478187

Few more Food and Dietary (Health) Supplement manufacturers are
  • Navmud Industries 
  • Space Healthcare 
  • K R Laboratories 
  • Zytras Life Sciences 
  • Cazle Group 

Process of manufacturing your own Brand:
  • Choose Third Party Manufacturer 
  • Contact them 
  • Ask for minimum order quantity (MOQ) manufactured by manufacturer at third party/contract manufacturing basis. 
  • Send quotation of products (with ingredient) and packaging requirement you want to manufacture 
  • Receive rate and finalize packaging material design and packaging material 
  • Place order and deposit initial payment (mutual agreed term & conditions) 
  • It takes nearly 20-30 days time in manufacturing process including time in packaging material manufacturing 
  • Receive proforma invoice. Clear remaining payment 
  • Products will be dispatched to your location 
  • Receive product and start working 
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