How to build a Strong Networking/Distribution Channel in MLM?

In networking marketing business/multi-level marketing business, key success factor is to attract people to join you, buy your products, becomes your distributor, sell your product and further join more people as their distributor. It will build a pyramid type structure and establish a successful business.

The question is how you can become successful in network marketing and build a establish MLM business quickly. Here are few tips that will be useful strategy for you to become successful as beginner in mlm business.

Before starting building a team/network, we have supposed, you have completed all necessary step for set-up your business. Few initial steps are:

Now come to building a networking team and distribution Channel.

Prepare a List: Prepare a list of all contacts of possible consumers and distributors. You are looking for two types of people: One is potential distributors and second is potential consumers. Potential distributors may be persons that are already doing networking marketing or retail stores etc. Potential consumers are persons who could be buy your product at regular basis or for one time requirement. Developing a distributor below you is number game, as much as distributor or consumer, you will add, creates foundation of your success in mlm business.

Make a Marketing Strategy: Every business has a marketing strategy and script. Implementing it effectively make difference in success or failure of your business. For implementing your business tactic, you first need to understand buying habits of your distributors/consumers whether they like to buy online or traditional advertisement, approximate size of their friends and networks etc. Currently doing distribution of mlm products could also do good business for you. Make your marketing strategy by keeping in mind about your distributors/consumer prospective.

Promotion and Advertisement: Promotion and advertisement is major to speak out to people about your presence into market. Here promotion and advertisement doesn’t mean paid or expensive promotion and advertisement. You can simply send text/massages to persons in contact list or make phone calls or personally meet them. Social media is cheap and easy way to promote your business at initial stage. If you have adequate fund then you can proceed in paid or expensive advertisement. Type of promotion and advertisement also depend at consumer and distributor behaviour/habits.

Events: Events are an important part of network marketing. Event is a way to maximize the number of people gathered to know about your products and company. Events have two major advantages. One, you can encourage your current consumers/distributors to take friends and other known with then in event so they can also expose to products and second, events will keep your currents customers/distributors engaged and updated about new products & company policies.

Generate Leads: Generating Lead for a business is as essential as foods for human body. You can generate new leads through promotion and advertisement we discussed above. In that part we only discussed about promoting and advertising about business. Promotion and advertisement is aimed to generate new business leads that can be converted into business. Few leads generating tools are as follow:
  • Social Media 
  • Advertising through online or offline mode 
  • Call/text/what’s app 
  • Personnel interaction, seminars, events etc 

Follow-UP: Once you have business leads and you have made first interaction with them at any medium. Then you need to follow these leads. Write down first response from your future customer. At some interval do follow up with them to keep them remind. But don’t spam. If anyone show disinterest then don’t follow-up him/her. Spamming will destroy your reputation in market. 

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