How to create effective Blog for your network business?

Blog is most cost effective and easiest way to promote your business. Most of small businesses overlook it either with lack of knowledge or lack of time. There may be many reasons for you to not writing/starting a blog for your website, we have many reasons to write it. That we will discuss in advantage of blog section in this article. First have a look about qualities a blog should have:

Qualities of a Blog:
  • It should be for customers/readers, not for you 
  • It should either solve a problem of your customer or provide fresh insight about your industry 
  • It should be updated at regular basis. Frequently once a week or month, new fresh content should be added. 
  • It should contain valuable and unique contents. 

Advantage of a Blog:
  • It establishes you as an authority in your industry. 
  • It helps to reach to new customers. 
  • It increases visitors and traffic to website and hence helps in bettering website ranking in search engines. 
  • It helps in generating new leads, hence increases sales. 

How to Start?
For starting a new blog you need a domain name and web hosting. Either you can use free tools for blogging like, or you can use paid tool by purchasing a domain name and web hosting & set-up blogging tools in your web hosting like word press etc.

If your business already using a website then you can set-up your blog at same domain name and web hosting. Check out example of blog by visiting our pharmaceutical industry blog here . You can avail our opinion for setting up your blog as we have more than eight years of experience in blogging in different types of sectors.

First, we had started with as a free blogging tool then we added custom domain name to it, after establishment of blog, we purchase web hosting, shifted our blog to that hosting and now running our blog at paid web hosting.

What to do next?
Once you have chosen which blog platform you want to use. You need to plan your content. Which type of contents you want to write? Whether you want to provide answer of generally/frequently asked questions by your customers or provide latest news and up comings of your industry. Using FAQ as base of blog is generally used blogging inspiration by most of bloggers. Suppose you have a business of Health Supplements and Herbal Products, you can write blog related to How a person can live hundred years through healthy life style etc.

Create Valuable Contents:
You have planned your content type. Now you need to write valuable contents that solve a problem or increase knowledge of your visitor. This will helpful to get loyal visitors who will subscribe for your blog and visit again and again to get fresh contents. They will start to consider you as authority in your industry and will ultimately result in loyal customer or promoter for your business.

Adding New Contents:
You have start writing. Now you need to add fresh content at regular basis. Expert has different opinion regarding frequency of adding new content but generally blog should be updated atleast once or twice in a month.

Word Count:
How many words should a blog have? In this regard, experts also have different advises but every expert accept a blog post should have minimum of 300-400 words.

Promote your blog:
Writing blog is not only main thing, you need to promote it also to get new visitors and new sales leads. You have to submit your blog to major search engines and promote it to social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram etc to spread word about your blog and get new readers for your blog post. Share your blog as much as you can.

Add a Contact Form:
You can make it easy for your visitors to contact you through contact form located at your web page or e-mail ID/contact number you leave at your web blog.

Regenerate Contents:
You can convert your content in other forms like video, slides, GIF files to increase your presence at other platforms like Youtube, slideshare etc.

Measure your blog performance:
You need to check performance of your blog. How many visitors you are getting, how much popularity your blog is getting etc. You can set-up Google analytics for measuring your blog performance or most of blogging tools provide internal analytical tools also. These all are free.

Best of luck for your new blog...

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