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Compensation Structure in mutli-level marketing

Multi-level marketing is a controversial business. It is legal or not, no one can say. Even government authorities can’t advice you about legal structure of any mlm business. Most experts say out of 100, more than 99 person who joins mlm business lose money or doesn’t get make any profit. But still many persons are getting good amount of money from it. Experts say only top level management, owners and share holders make money in mlm business. Person’s lower in pyramid doesn’t make any profit or lose his money in mlm business. That doesn’t mean mlm is illegal and non profiting. Some companies have legal commission structure and some has illegal commission structure. So you should be careful while joining any mlm company or making commission structure while starting own mlm company. If you are starting own mlm Company then it’s good business for you. Checkout detail: How you can start Multi-level marketing company? There are some rules and regulation about joining persons under your ml