How to and Why to build a website for multi level marketing company?

Online presence for any organisation is must in today’s world. Before joining any company/organisation, a person first search at internet about company profile; if you are lacking any online presence then there is chances, you will lose number of networkers who could associates with you.

Online presence can be build by creating a website, writing a blog, making profiles at social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. About writing a blog and benefits of social networks, we will discuss in our other articles. In this article, we will discuss about building a website that is suitable for a multi-level marketing company.

When it comes to building a website then lots of option is available. You can start with HTML base website, CMS base website, wordpress base website etc. You can build website with blog or not that depend at you but we will recommend you to build a website which is also attached with a blog which is regularly updated and provide unique and information base articles.

Building a Website (How to)

You don’t need to learn coding and any other technical specification for it. Any web developer can do this for you at reasonable price. You just need to tell him what type of requirement you need in your website and costing of that website will depend at feature it contains. A simple website can be build at as low as costing of 400/- per month.

Here we are going to describe specification a MLM business website should have:
  • Welcome Page (Home Page) 
  • Company Profile 
  • Management detail 
  • Vision 
  • Mission 
  • Achievement 
  • Product Range with Description 
  • Events and Celebrations 
  • Benefits of Joining 
  • Contact Form 
  • Sign-Up and Sign-In option 
  • Online Order Submission 
  • Checkout and Payment Gateway 
  • Visitor’s review option 
As we have discussed in our article: How to prepare company manual for multi-level marketing? , website is also a form of company online manual with additional features and benefits.

Welcome Page (Home Page)

It contains greeting to visitors and brief detail of each and necessary pages of website with redirecting links to that page.

Company Profile:

This website page contains company detail, history, culture, operation and other details about company.

Management Details:

This page will describe details of directors, management and key responsible persons of company. You can add achievements and experience of each person.


In vision sector contains future plan of company.


This section contains target that company want to achieve


This section will describe all targets and missions you achieved

Product Range:

Every distributor or networker will check first about product list in your portfolio. This is major thing that will impact whether a distributor will purchase from you or not. Describe all your products with benefits and if possible with MRP and DP.

Events and Celebrations:

Launching events, programs conducted by company, award ceremonies should be included in this section so visitor feels positive about company.

Benefits of Joining:

Describe to visitor in simple and easy step why he/she should join your organisation. What are the benefits, he/she will get. How easy you will make him/her financially secure and will make him/her rich.

Contact Form:

A contact form is medium where interested visitors can leave their contact details so you can contact them. Contact form work as lead generation tool for your website and will helpful in increasing business. Every website should have contact form to generate leads.

Sign-UP/Sign-IN option:

A multi level marketing website should have option to join a networker and distributor online in easy step. A account creation should be build at website so he/she can purchase or maintain his activity through your website hurdle free.

Online Order Submission:

As online shopping habits of users are increasing, you MLM business can also get benefited with it. You can give your visitors an option to make purchase online. You could also promote your affiliated marketing by providing same benefits of MLM if he makes purchase of another people.

Checkout and Payment Gateway:

Without Checkout and payment gateway, it will not be possible for a visitor to make a online purchase transaction complete.

Visitor’s review:

A good website contains a review section where a visitor can leave review about overall experience with company/organisation.

Benefits of Website (Why to)

  • Website build overall image of a company. It can give look to small organisation as large organisation 
  • When any person will check online about company presence, he/she will sure about company credibility 
  • It provides complete detail about company. It Works as online company manual. 
  • Visitor can easily purchase its required product 
  • Lead generation tool 
  • Products are visual to whole world with minimum investment.


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